Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wow! We are finally here!

If you were reading my blog about our lives in the Czech Republic, you know by now that we took off for our new adventure land. The "adventure land" turned out to be India this time!  It is so surreal to be here, and especially so in Bangalore, as I used to talk with guys here at least twice a week when I worked for Yahoo! in the US. Now that I am here, I can tell why I was hearing lots of honking and other noises in the background during the conf call. :-)

India was one of the countries that I always (literally always) wanted to visit, but I never thought I would be living here to be honest. I can already tell it will be an interesting and exciting experience.

So, India.... I always had certain images ever since I was a little kid. The images were coming from the book that I read when I was maybe 8 yrs old or so. We used to get a record book (colorfully pictured hardcover story book with a record that had an audio reading of the story) every month.  As a kid, I always looked forward receiving the record book my mom subscribed for me and my sis. In one of the books, there was a story about "Sambo".  I know, I know, it became so contraversial later on, but as a kid I really enjoyed the story. My image of India pretty much came from the story: sunny, hot, bright, lots of greens, tropical, lots of animals, coconut trees, soiled ground, kids running around with bare feet, family bonding, friendly, fun, and exciting!

So my interest in India continued throughout my school years, and I even had a penpal (okay, this is way before Internet was available) in New Delhi. I forgot his name already, but we exchanged letters for about 2 years.  By then, my image of India changed to more metropolitan yet laid back but stayed sunny, bright, coconut trees, tropical, friendly, fun, and exciting.

And later as an adult when I talked with people here in Bangalore, I had to somehow adjust my images of India again. Busy, techy, noisy, just like other developed countries.

Although I have only been here for 2 weeks, life here seem to be into something. I have not yet figured it out, but I am looking forward to finding out more as time goes by. I would like to use this blog to share my learning experience with all of you. So stay tuned and come back again soon.

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