Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Super Paper Boy

Since the hotel only has one desk, which is dominated by my hubby's laptop, etc, I am using a glass coffee table as my desk. And, I moved it close to the window, so that I can do people watching while I wait for Farmville to load up, etc :)
Anyway, throughout the day, I was hearing several people passing by on bicycles calling "Paper, paper" (well, actually it sounds more like peeeehpat, but anyway...  I thought they were selling papers at first, but the closer I looked the more I realized that they were up to something else.

So, one day I decided to watch one boy more closely. Luckily someone from the house opposite from our hotel called him over. Apparently those are the people collecting the unneeded paper goods. This particular boy, who looked like he might be 14 or something, went into the gate. The guy started to drag lots of cardboard from the house onto the ground in front of him. He very efficiently started to fold them. There were at least 20 or so boxes, but this boy accomplished the folding in less than 3 mins. I know how hard it is to fold cardboard, but I could tell that he was professional!

He also separated the plastic bags very efficiently. He loaded a pile of plastic bags first to his bike and put them into one of the bags that were hanging on the side of his bike. Then he loaded a pile of folded cardboard on the backside of his bike - again very efficiently tied them down on the bike. The whole thing only took him about 5-6 minutes.  And he paid some money to the guy (or at least I think he was) and took off.  I guess he will go somewhere and sell the cardboard for more money. I wonder what the margin is like :)

I felt like a paparacci, but I had to capture this super paper boy. :-)
I was SOOOO impressed. I think some IT companies can definitely hire someone like that to streamline some of the processes :)

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