Monday, May 30, 2011

Food cheap, Alcohol EXPENSIVE!

There seem to be a bunch of cheap restaurants here, which unfortunately I have not been to yet, but even at fancy restaurants on 100ft Road in Indiranagar, food dishes are relatively cheap compared to alcohol. Yesterday we went to a restaurant called Sunny's, which we thought was one of the best restaurants so far in Bangalore. Ambiance was good, service was better than usual, and food was excellent. Anyway, even at famous restaurant like Sunny's, most of the dishes range between 150 and 400 Rupees (maybe except some seafood dishes). It means, you can fill yourself up with nice meal for $3 to $8!  BUT, if you drink, it is another story. Alcohol is expensive. An imported glass of red was approx 500 Rupees (like $10). So, if you drink two glasses of wine, you end up adding $20 to your bill.  Boom!

On the topic of alcohol, till I came to India, I always thought the alcohol was a big no-no here. But, I found out that quite many people actually drink. According to this article, nearly 30-35% of adult men and 5% of women are regular consumers of alcohol in India. And, the youngest age allowed to consume alcohol has changed from 28 in 1980 to 18 in 2010. And, according to this article, in the state of Kerala, it was 14 in 1994!  

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