Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sidewalks that people cannnot walk

Here in Bangalore, you would immediately notice that lots of sidewalks are either torn up or dug up. It looks as if a massive earthquake hit only the sidewalks. It's sad since the sidewalks are there, but people cannot use them. Most people end up walking 10cm away from the running car on the street... :(

We are currently staying in the area called Indiranagar, which is a hip and up-coming part of Bangalore. If I would map Bangalore to LA, Indiranagar is like Melrose of Bangalore. There are lots of hip and nice restaurants and stores (and rather youngish).

BUT!!.... What's significantly different from Melrose is that the scenery in front of stores is not that nice. All the sidewalks are torn up, and there is garbage here and there.

Only If, ONLY IF the government can spend a little bit more effort to fix the sidewalks and do something about the garbage, Indiranagar would become perfectly beautiful. I wonder if there are any foundations or organizations supporting such efforts here in Bangalore. 

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  1. EXACTLY, The governments not going to do anything, just so you know