Friday, June 17, 2011

Why is the northern side sunnier in Bangalore??

Ever since I started to look for an apartment, I was wondering.....Wondering WHY the north side is always sunnier than the south side. Typically when we look for an apartment in the US or Japan, we always wish for the "southern exposure." Here, however, I noticed that the agent always mentioned the "eastern" exposure and how wonderful that was.

After moving into this house, too, I realized that there are more windows on the north and east side. And, the sun typically comes in from the east and north side and not from the south side.

Yesterday as I was talking about it over lunch with a Japanese lady that I met, she gave me a clue! Yes, the answer was the tropic of cancer (a.k.a. the northern tropic). I  remembered immediately what I learned about the tropic of cancer when I was a kid. It is the most northern position sun may appear directly above, which happens at the time of the June solstice (on June 21st for this year!). Since Bangalore is located south of the tropic of cancer and since we are getting closer to June 21st, we were getting more sun from the north side. Furthermore, since Bangalore is in between the tropic of cancer and equator, it means we won't get too much sun into our house at any time, as the sun pretty much move above us.

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