Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Whew!! The online shop is finally open!

It has been almost two months since I started to develop a concept of building the online shop that sells unique handmade items that I found here in India. Yep, I have been networking, gathering items, collecting information, building site, etc. And today, I finally managed to launch it!! It has been a long winding two months for sure. Whew!

The site, called Indo no Mori, is completely targeting ONLY the Japanese customers at this point, but of course I have a plan to go global, which by the way has been my profession for the last 20+ years - yep turning something local to another local or to global.

I am also in a process of creating my company here in India. My goal is not to be a retail shop owner but to be the bridge between India and Japan business. I strongly believe my 20+ years of experience in the field can be leveraged through this vehicle. More to come on this later...

Anyway, I am just happy the shop is now open! And thanks to those who helped me to get through the launch! I LOVE India, and hopefully the shop will disseminate the love to my Japanese customers.

One project done - or started :)


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