Saturday, July 9, 2011

A quick visit back to Japan

Just got back from a 10-day trip to Japan (thanks to my hubby and Babu for picking me up so late at the airport!).

Japan was just great as usual despite the post-311 anxiety (they are now calling the March 11th earthquake as "three-one-one") and incredible humidity and high temperatures (it was above 35C degree almost every day while I was there!!). People are still concerned about the nuclear plants and also have to conserve energy and thus limit the usage of air conditioners (in that heatwave!), but 311 definitely restored positive energy in Japan. Oh btw, all my Japanese friends that I met were flabbergasted when I told them how Bangalore was much cooler than Japan. And yep, it is much much cooler.

Anyway, after living in India for 2 months, I appreciated the modern infrastructure in Japan. Sorry India, but I know you know, and I also know that you are on top of it by looking at your great "12th 5 Year Plan." Way to go India! I also enjoyed the variety of food, and most of all the clean sidewalks and streets in Japan.

Bangalore is fairly great in terms of food variety, but still you can only get certain kinds of western food (mostly Italian) and Chinese food. Japanese food, such as Sushi, is hard to come by in this town as well as other goodies like all kinds of noodle dishes (ramen, udon, soba), Don-dishes (katsudon, oyakodon, unadon), tempura, or any other basic Japanese food. I explored 2.5 Japanese restaurants here in Bangalore so far. Why 2.5? Because the one called "Shiro" in UB City sounded Japanese but was not at all Japanese except that they did have not-so-fantastic-sushi. The other two were authentic, but yet there is a limit to the ingredients they can get here, especially sake. So, I was happy to explore all kinds of food in Japan.

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